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Clear Creek Capital, LLC is a private investment partnership founded by Jie Situ, CFA in 2015 and lead by Anthony Tong, CFA, Nick Wang and Carl Ge. after years of working in the business and investment industry.

Clear Creek Capital, LLC is an exempt reporting adviser with the State of California under the exemption available to managers of private funds pursuant to Section 260.204.9 of Title 10 of the California Code of Regulations.

Financial Consultation

Global Multi-Strategy Fund

Investment approach

Client 7

Global dividend stocks with call and put writing

–Core holding of total portfolio
–Global large cap companies with stable and consistent dividends
–Add layered covered call option or put option based on technical chart analysis
–Works best in a range bound and moderate bull and moderate bear markets

Client 8

Equities and equity derivatives swing trading

–Long and short positions on growth stocks/options

–Strict stop loss mechanism

–Gradually increase exposure at favorable trend to maximize profit

–Both long and short term time horizons

    •Works best in super bull and super bear markets

    •May underperform in range bound markets

Client 2


- Commodities are totally different asset classes

    Energy and Basic materials usually perform well in the end of bull cycle, during which economy experiences high inflation

    Precious metal usually perform well when market lost confidence in financial institutions, wars, or major economic crises

Client 3

AI Driven All weather strategy

- Rather than timing the market, time in the market is more important

  Utilize more than 10+ years history price/volume data to analyze the technical pattern

  Utilize social/market news/analytics to evaluate market sentiment

  Learn the economic data to understand market macro



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